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T.L.L. Bookkeeping - The Small Business Specialist.
T.L.L. Bookkeeping - low-cost, accurate bookkeeping since 1984.

Terry brings with her over twenty years of managerial accounting and construction management. She graduated from the prestigious Robert O. Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico. Terry is a dependable resource of knowledge and carries with her at all times, a strong and reliable work ethic.
Avalon Investments, Inc.


T.L.L. Bookkeeping has been handling all my bookkeeping and accounting needs for 15 years. They are efficient, dependable and most of all, flexible. I have a small graphic arts business I run out of my home. I don't have time to organize my bills and keep track of when my taxes are due. T.L.L. Bookkeeping has helped me keep my bills paid, my receivables collected and my taxes filed. I don't know what I would do without them. ~


My personal finances were in deep need of some TLC. I like to travel and I am not always home to pay my bills and deposit any checks coming in from my stock investments. T.L.L. Bookkeeping has been caring for my personal finances since 1984. They organized me, my office and made my paperwork "headache" go away. I can now go anywhere without the worry of paperwork. ~


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